Our Team

our staff

David Bever
Executive Director
302-658-7174 ext. 20
Jessica Alicea
Deputy Executive Director
302-658-7174 Ex: 26
Barbie Fischer, MA
Restorative Services Director
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 24
Shaniqua Johnson-Pierce, LCSW
Healing Spaces Program Coordinator
Suzanne Kirk, LCSW
Clinical Director
(302) 658-4171
Kailyn Richards
Director of Policy
Program Coordinator, Read In Read Out
302-658-7174 ext. 10
Emma Smith
Community Reintegration Services Program Director
Office: 302-658-7174 EXT: 28
Cell: 302-507-1667
Lauren Werner
Program Director, Transitional Reintegration Services Program
Alexis Bynum, MA
Mental Health Counselor, Adult Victim Services
Marcus Smith
Peer Support Specialist, Transitional Reentry
Duha Mohamed
Restorative Conferencing Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 19
Mercedes Watson
Director of Communications & Engagement
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 35
Autumn Gray
Restorative Services Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 18
Tahali Nichols
Systems Navigator
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 32
Sonya Tull
Adult Victims Services Program Director
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 25
Scott Nickle
Director of Development
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 36
Samantha Fisher
Office: (302) 658-7174 ext. 25
Janissa Collazo
Youth Case Manager
Office: (302) 658-7174 ext. 17
Jonathan Davis BSW, MHS
Youth Case Manager
Office: (302) 658-7174 ext. 22
Ernest Saunders
Peer Support Specialist, Transitional Reentry
Dana Timmons
Peer Support Specialist, Transitional Reentry
Jenna Jester
Case Manager, Community Reintegration Services Program
Office: (302) 674-7191
Ashley Stinson
Director of Office Administration
Office: (302) 658-7174
Haneef Salaam
Youth Institutional Program Coordinator, Youth & Diversion Services
Jerod Morinia
Peer Specialist
Samantha Parker
Peer Specialist
Amber Piper
Peer Specialist
Christopher Woodruff
Restorative Services Specialist
Bryana Evans
Restorative Conferencing Specialist
Dionne Williams
Adult Victims Services, Case Manager
Gerald Stratford
Youth Support Specialist
Gensis Farley
Institutional Program Coordinator

our board of directors


  • Natalie Reese

    Interim President

  • Kerri Evelyn Harris

    Vice President

  • Valerie Middlebrooks


  • Elizabeth Gossens Eide



  • Tony Alleyne

  • Janine Howell Conkey

  • John D’ Agostino

  • Angela DiMauro

  • Chanda Jackson

  • David McBride

  • Dubard McGriff

  • Yasser Payne

  • David Teague

  • Danielle Fisher

  • Jalyn Powell

  • Courtney McGregor

  • Dae’Shawn Nixon

  • Lisa Johnson

our partners

Employment & Volunteering

If you think that our work is valuable, then please consider getting involved. We have full-time, intern, and volunteer positions available and would love to hear from anyone who is passionate about seeing real change for those affected by the legal system in Delaware.