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Our Team

our staff

David Bever
Executive Director
302-658-7174 ext. 20
Jessica Alicea
Deputy Executive Director
302-658-7174 Ex: 26
Barbie Fischer, MA
Restorative Services Director
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 24
Erin Golder
Instructor, Victim Sensitivity Program, Youth and Diversion Services
Shaniqua Johnson-Pierce, LCSW
Coordinator, Safe Spaces
Suzanne Kirk, LCSW
Community Reintegration Specialist, Community Reintegration Services Program (CRSP)
Kailyn Richards
Director of Policy
Program Coordinator, Read In Read Out
302-658-7174 ext. 10
Emma Smith
Community Reintegration Services Program Director
Sussex County: 302-752-3571
Kent County: 302-674-7191
Gloria Smith
Program Director, Adult Victim Services Program
302-658-7174 ext. 15
Corry Wright, MPA
Director, Youth and Diversion Services, Student Warriors Against Guns and Gangs (SWAGG) Program
302-658-7174 Ext. 34
Lauren Werner
Transitional Case Manager, Community Reintegration Services Program
Nathan Stewart
Director of Office & Fiscal Operations
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 10
Alexis Bynum, MA
Mental Health Counselor, Adult Victim Services
Marcus Smith
Case Manager, Community Reintegration Services Program (CRSP)
Duha Mohamed
Restorative Conferencing Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 19
Mercedes Watson
Director of Communications & Engagement
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 35
Autumn Gray
Restorative Services Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 18
Anthony Stanziale
Director of Vocational Services
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 31
Mone’t Williams
Community Reintegration Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 37
Janaija Norton
Therapeutic Case Manager
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 17
Tahali Nichols
Systems Navigator
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 32
Sonya Tull
Community Reintegration Specialist
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 25
Scott Nickle
Director of Development
(302) 658-7174 Ex: 36

our board of directors


  • Natalie Reese

    Interim President

  • Kerri Evelyn Harris

    Vice President

  • Valerie Middlebrooks


  • Elizabeth Gossens Eide



  • Tony Alleyne

  • Janine Howell Conkey

  • John D’ Agostino

  • Angela DiMauro

  • Chanda Jackson

  • David McBride

  • Dubard McGriff

  • Yasser Payne

  • Domenica Personti

  • David Teague

our partners

Employment & Volunteering

If you think that our work is valuable, then please consider getting involved. We have full-time, intern, and volunteer positions available and would love to hear from anyone who is passionate about seeing real change for those affected by the legal system in Delaware.