Systems Navigator

The Systems Navigator provides statewide education and advocacy related to the Pardon and Expungement process in Delaware through networking, community events, and individual support. Individuals who qualify for a pardon or expungement can receive one-on-one support from the Systems Navigator.

Systems Navigator, Jerod Morinia,, (302)658-7174 x33

Transitional Reentry Services

Transitional Reentry Services provide reentry support to adults exiting the Department of Corrections Level 4&5 facilities in Delaware. Transitional Reentry offers mobile Peer Support services statewide, through 5 Peer Specialists, picking individuals up upon their release and offering transportation services and support for the first 90-days post-release. Transitional Case Managers and Peer Specialists connect participants to services and supports that help meet basic needs, personal goals, and probation requirements, including housing, supportive benefits, mental health and substance use supports, employment and education.

Eligibility: : Must meet criteria for Vital Core (DOC’s Behavioral Health Provider); Substance Use, Mental Health, Chronic Health needs, or over 62 years of age.

Program Director: Lauren Werner,, (302)507-2618


S.E.L.F (Safety, Emotion, Loss and Future) groups are held at the Department of Corrections Facilities, Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution, and Hazel D. Plant Treatment Center. SELF Groups address some of the key areas of recovery related to chronic stress, trauma, and family and relationship problems. Group cohorts run for 6 weeks at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution and 12 weeks at Hazel D. Plant and all group participants are assisted with reentry support and connection to services in the community as needed.

Eligibility: Department of Corrections programming; HDP and BWCI Residents only.

For any assistance, please contact Gensis Farley, the Institutional Program Coordinator, at or (302) 469-1614

Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces is a free support group for Black people to share personal experiences with racism, process racial trauma, and get supportive feedback. Black activists, advocates, and organizers were encouraged to join. The group is currently held virtually.

For any assistance, please contact Shaniqua Johnson-Pierce, the Program Coordinator, at

Read In, Read Out (RIRO)

The Read-In, Read-Out Program is a collaborative project of the Department of Correction, the Delaware Center for Justice, and Read Aloud Delaware. Selected parents can record themselves reading age-appropriate books to their children. The resulting recordings are then sent, along with the books, to each child. In this manner, incarcerated parents are better able to preserve a bond with their children, improve their communication and parenting skills, and ease their transition back to their families and to the community. Read In, Read Out is currently at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution and Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution.

Eligibility: Department of Corrections programming; HRYCI and BWCI Residents only.

For any assistance, please contact Gensis Farley, the Institutional Program Coordinator, at or (302) 469-1614

Court of Common Pleas/Victim Restoration & Community Conferencing Program

Utilizing Restorative Justice principles and values, our Conferencing Program offers those who have been harmed (victims) the opportunity to address those who have caused them harm (offenders) in a safe, structured setting, with the goal of directly holding an offender accountable for their actions while providing important assistance to the victim. With the assistance of a trained facilitator/ mediator, those harmed are given the opportunity to explain how they have been impacted by the harm done to them, how the person who harmed them should be held accountable, and if they feel that justice has been served. We provide individuals who have committed harm with the opportunity to make restitution, complete community service, and learn skills needed to lead a healthy, law-abiding life.